The 1 Tool To Launch Your Positive Habits

You use it every day habitually.

When you draw a moustache on your best friends face with a permanent marker.

When you actually need to sleep, but decide to ‘quickly peek’ into your messages and drop it on your face.

When you watch the next motivational Youtube video that makes you feel like running through a brick wall. 


It’s there to watch you hit your first muscle up.

And to keep your weight in check.

You stroke it with your thumb as a way to say ‘hello’ when you see it lying right on the table in front of you.

And when you pat your pockets to discover it’s not where you put it 15 seconds ago, you suffer from a mini heart attack. 


It’s a piece of metal, glass and electric circuits.

Yet you smile, cry and constantly connect with it 24-hours a day.

There is an 80% chance that you are actually reading this on that same device. It’s your smartphone. 

And while I might sound like a jerk for telling you this.

Your smartphone addiction can actually help you to launch the habits that will allow you to build more muscle, lose more fat, feel happier and to achieve other goals.



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