3 Key Progressions For The Handstand Push Up

Achieving another calisthenics skill like a handstand push up can require an insane amount of errors.

Like shaving your beard the first time.

It looks like you have no idea what you are doing and takes much longer than you think it does.

You use excessive amounts of pressure, skip a few patches left and right and it rarely looks as effortless as those Gillet shaving commercials.


So you ask someone who knows. Hone your skills. Explore your options.

Invest some time in learning the skills of the art and spend less time on covering your face with plasters from bloody cuts. 

Calisthenics is no different. You need to learn the skill by making the errors. BUT you need to learn from those errors. 

These 3 key progressions will shave off hours of trial-and-error. (more…)

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