Improve your calisthenics workouts with these books

2 Essential Books To Improve Your Calisthenics Workouts

When you want to develop a new skill, what do you do?

Do you just try, or do you look for people who have done it before?

Do you ask for advice?

Or do you just despair at the gap between what you want to do an what you actually can do?


Most of us are unhappy with what we look like and with what we can do.

We feel demotivated. Incomplete. Not good enough.

That is if we just keep looking at those on the other side. Like the young kid ‘leaning against the window’ with the dream to become a pilot as he watches big airplanes disappear in the clouds.


Instead of looking, start reading.

Instead of being demotivated, start asking.

Instead of thinking you aren’t genetically gifted, start realising that as long as you have a beating hart, there is something to learn.

How? Start by reading these books.  (more…)

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