The Biological Hack For Optimal Training Time

Training is a battle.

A war against your own physical and mental limitations.

Your biggest enemy? The amount of excuses you can come up with.

This battle isn’t one for the weak. The naïve. The impatient.


You’ll need to embrace the pain of being a beginner again. New challenges. New routines. New soreness.

But none of those things matter if you don’t train at all.

So before you go further down the rabbit hole of calisthenics training, you better make sure you know what the best time is to do so.


The key?

Knowing how your body responds to the time at which you train, is something you must learn.

The battlefield is right in front of you and you have the opportunity to write the heroes’ story.

So when you enter the calisthenics arena, arm yourself with this knowledge.

And keep fighting the good fight.

Everybody is counting on you. (more…)

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