The Full Progression To The Only Exercise You Need For A Six Pack

Are you still far from developing that strong six pack core?

And do you struggle with finding the right exercises?

The fact is, everyone will give you 10 different exercises to develop a stronger core or to get you that six pack you are aiming for.


That’s why you are drowning in unnecessary ‘fancy’ and non-functional exercises.

It’s confusing to say the least.

The result? You are doing inefficient exercises, with an inefficient execution that don’t get you any results.

That’s the worst part, it’s like swimming against the stream, without arms.


And you want to ‘backlever/frontlever’ float in mid air?

This might sound harsh, but without the proper step-by-step process.

You are going nowhere.


If this key element in your training is either inadequate – or nowhere to be found – you will bump into a wall down the road.

But not on my watch.

I’ve been reviewing tons of workout routines recently, helping people to make better workout plans, and I’ve found that there is one major repeating obstacle.

Sticking to right progressions. (more…)

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