3 Seductive Reasons To Start Doing Calisthenics Every Day

You are praying for a new passion.

More meaning. More motivation.

You’ve been looking. Doing in-depth research into the best possible ways to train.


You know that your body needs it.

Your joints are cracking and popping with every single step you take and when you reach for your toes you feel like a your are in a straight jacket.

Like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.


Nonetheless, you are proud of all the workout plans you’ve found. All the routines. All the exercises.

You want to start, but how often should you do it? Can you do it every day? 

You still don’t have an answer to those questions so you haven’t come any further than, typing the words ‘calisthenics workout plan’ into Google.

Sounds familiar?

Let me explain why you are already doing calisthenics every day and which 3 reasons should convince you to increase your daily dose of calisthenics.


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