Finding the right park for calisthenics beginners

How To Find One Of The 3163 Calisthenics Parks Near You


The body weight workout gods have finally given you the promising sign you were waiting for.

There is a break in the clouds pointing you exactly to the place you’ve been trying to find all this time.

And it’s just around the corner.

Now you can finally start your training.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

There are pull up bars. Dip bars. You even see other people training.

You’ve finally found¬†your calisthenics park, so now all you need to do is train…

After your warming up, you start doing your routine and you feel amazing.

A few hours of hardcore training later, you say goodbye to your new friends and walk back home.

The perfect day.


You can find a workout park where people train in your area, but you need to know how.

Calisthenics beginners all around the world have made a jaw-dropping database of 3000+ workout parks and counting, want to know how to find yours? (more…)

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