7 Drills To Increase Your Hamstring Flexibility + 11 Things You Don’t Know

Calisthenics beginners all experience the same frustration.

You feel like a new world opens up to you. Like a kid in a candy store.

But when you try the moves you see online…it kinda sucks. Something is missing. You just can’t seem do some exercises.

And it doesn’t feel like you’ll be able to do them any time soon.

It makes you want to cry.

Like the same kid that sees his ice cream fall on a pile of dirt after the first lick of the cone.


Increasing your level of calisthenics skill may feel like a difficult, perhaps even impossible journey.

But when you realise that flexibility is strength, that agonising road to be less stiff turns into a fun trip.

While experimenting with increasing your hamstring flexibility. You’ll discover that it opens many doors, not just windows.

You’ll stand out. Strong AND flexible.

Want to know how you can start loosening up those tight hamstrings?

How to open the door to the calisthenics candy store? (more…)

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