Cold Immersion: The 7 Step Hack To Better Results

Has it happened to you, too?

In your mind, you’ve decided that you want to really go for it tomorrow. Perhaps do a morning workout. Break a sweat. Make a change.

You feel excited the night before, writing down your workout plan until it’s perfect.

And you think you’ll be ready to jump into it after waking up.


Shimmering with enthusiasm, you go to bed. Ready to embrace the challenge ahead.

But when you wake up, when it’s do or die, you feel lethargic.



You hit the snooze button once more.

You just don’t have the energy and you don’t like black tar coffee.

What can you do to ‘fire up your day’ and get the courage to continue?

Here is a simple ‘natural energy hack’ that works better than caffeine and will help your recovery.


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The simple nutrition and calisthenics diet plan for natural muscle growth meals and plans

The Calisthenics Diet To Get Below 10% Body Fat

Being hungry is a bad thing right?

As soon as you feel that belly of yours rumbling it’s a sign that you should eat.

At least that is what you probably think on your current calisthenics diet.

The opposite is true.


Being hungry every now and then is a good thing!

So why does everyone think it’s bad?

Simply because our increased wealth has allowed us to eat during the entire day.

Our bodies on the other hand are still working based on a different way of life.


Let’s travel back in the past and meet one of your ancestors.

Funny enough 10.000 years ago your great-great-great grandfather did not have a refrigerator.

Neither did he have a grocery store and he would usually be without food for the biggest part of the day.

”But that’s really unhealthy!”, you might think.

Is it? Really?

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3 Seductive Reasons To Start Doing Calisthenics Every Day

You are praying for a new passion.

More meaning. More motivation.

You’ve been looking. Doing in-depth research into the best possible ways to train.


You know that your body needs it.

Your joints are cracking and popping with every single step you take and when you reach for your toes you feel like a your are in a straight jacket.

Like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.


Nonetheless, you are proud of all the workout plans you’ve found. All the routines. All the exercises.

You want to start, but how often should you do it? Can you do it every day? 

You still don’t have an answer to those questions so you haven’t come any further than, typing the words ‘calisthenics workout plan’ into Google.

Sounds familiar?

Let me explain why you are already doing calisthenics every day and which 3 reasons should convince you to increase your daily dose of calisthenics.


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Finding the right park for calisthenics beginners

How To Find One Of The 3163 Calisthenics Parks Near You


The body weight workout gods have finally given you the promising sign you were waiting for.

There is a break in the clouds pointing you exactly to the place you’ve been trying to find all this time.

And it’s just around the corner.

Now you can finally start your training.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

There are pull up bars. Dip bars. You even see other people training.

You’ve finally found your calisthenics park, so now all you need to do is train…

After your warming up, you start doing your routine and you feel amazing.

A few hours of hardcore training later, you say goodbye to your new friends and walk back home.

The perfect day.


You can find a workout park where people train in your area, but you need to know how.

Calisthenics beginners all around the world have made a jaw-dropping database of 3000+ workout parks and counting, want to know how to find yours? (more…)

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Your Guide To Protein Intake For 100% Muscle Construction

Gaining muscle and strength is like eating beer nuts.

After your first bite you just can’t stop.

It’s addictive.


No matter how much progress you’ve made, it makes you hungry for more.

But do you ever get the feeling that the people who are stronger than you, barely work harder?

Which usually means that they shouldn’t make more progress than you.

And maybe that’s why you keep looking for that next ‘secret’ exercise tip from them that will make you just as strong.

The thing is, sometimes you need to go back to the basics to find what really matters – high quality nutrition, not the next exercise or the next skill.


When it comes to training and nutrition almost everyone agrees that ‘consuming plenty’ of protein is a cornerstone.

You cannot build something without the right building blocks and protein provides you with the raw resources to do so.


Below you’ll find:

  • how much grams of protein you need;
  • a simple tool to track your protein intake;
  • 11 high quality protein sources;
  • and a tasty high protein meal which you can instantly add to your diet for more muscle, less fat and faster recovery.

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