Your Road To The Straddle Planche

When you look back at your life what do you want to able to look back at?

Would you pay attention to what you’ve earned?

Would you recall your political stand points? Would you think about the cool clothes you used to wear?

Or would you think about what you learned and discovered?

The people you changed and inspired?

What you developed into?


The future still looks bright for you.

Plenty of potential. Your body is still adapting. You can take control of your diet and health.

And your deepest desired? Well, a little bit of work can bring you a whole lot closer.

Because you see, it’s not only about what you achieve, but it’s also about the person you need to become to achieve those things.

To achieve this move, you need to become non-quitting, hard-working and dedicated.

But most of all, you need to become ‘inspired’. 


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