Learn the calisthenics planche with these moves

Progression To The Full Bent Arm Planche

Know what’s tougher than doing advanced things?

It’s perfecting your basics.

But that’s exactly what’s needed if you are serious about reaching higher levels of strength.

And almost every succesful calisthenic beginner reaches a point where they realize they need better basics.


After all, how many BEASTS do you know that completely stopped doing the basics?

Progressing means working on boring stuff sometimes. Repeating the same move over and over.

So how can you effectively improve your basics and slowly progress to badass moves?

It’s by the concept of ‘chunking’, which means breaking down a pattern of moves into simple steps.

This is actually what you are doing right now without knowing it ;).


A chin up is a chunk of a muscle up.

A push up is a chunk of a handstand push up.

And the list goes on and on.


Honestly, until I realized this my results were pretty average. Once I had that aha-moment, things started improving. FAST.

So how does this relate to learning a bent arm planche?

It starts with a simple ‘chunk’.


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