The Short Guide To Start Your Handstand Training

Isn’t that what you want at the end of the day?

You go to the play ground and after training a few times, you effortlesly progress into a handstand.

Hopping from one arm to the other – turning up your music at the same time.

While others are still struggling and doing it one step at a time.


You make it seem like it’s your second nature.

Although it takes some people years, you aren’t even breaking a of sweat.

And what’s the secret to this level of handstand mastery?


Thinking you will get it overnight!

Taking a leap instead of doing it one step at a time.

I mean, the best things in life come easy, don’t they?

Well, prepare yourself for a shock… (more…)

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Calisthenics Muscle Up Workout

The Minimalist Guide To A Muscle Up For Beginners

The red pill.

You signed up for the e-mail list and jumped down the rabbit hole of body weight workouts.

Maybe you even went the extra mile and actually read through the free ebook to make sure you didn’t miss any killer routines.

Then you were smart enough to find the 6 month plan and maybe you were motivated enough to actually follow the six month plan.

But after the first 5 months you feel like you should be able to do that first muscle up.

And you just can’t figure out why you are still stuck at 0 muscle ups EVER.


Every training you anxiously jump on the bar and try to pull yourself up as hard as you can, hoping that today will finally be the ‘day on which you achieved your first muscle up’.

But every training is a letdown. Still one or two centimeters short (And let’s be honest – it’s probably five if you don’t cheat yourself).

The truth is, you are forgetting to take the right steps and there is too much information out there – but not any more.

Stop focusing on strength alone and start focusing on skill too. When you combine both…

You go from 0 to 1. (more…)

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3 Healthy Foods For Hardgainers

Every day, you spend hours eating and stuffing yourself with whatever you can get your hands on.

After all, eating more is the secret to gaining muscle, right?

But you are starting to wonder if all those meals really justify your time and effort.

You don’t see any results on the scale and the few grams you actually thought you had gained, well…you didn’t gain at all.

Hell, it’s frustrating.


As a calisthenics beginner, one of your biggest priorities is usually getting bigger, stronger and better.

But so far you’ve failed to find the right foods that really deliver.

You’ve tried, protein shakes, BCAAs, supplements and every muscle boosting magic pill under the sun which you could get your hands on.

Unfortunately, you are a HARDGAINER, at least so you think.


You feel that being at such a genetic disadvantage has made it even thougher for you to find what truly works.

While you are trying to figure it out, the muscular guys you see around you seem to put on kilos of muscle every time you blink your eyes.

Reality check.

You aren’t a hardgainer, you just don’t know how to gain weight.

So what’s the answer? (more…)

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