Basic Calisthenics Workout Plan for stronger wrists

5 Dynamic Exercises To Bulletproof Your Wrists

You know you can’t deny it…

You dream of doing handstands, planches and elbow levers.

In fact, the thought of doing all that stuff is what motivates you to keep training, day in day out.

After all, those are the moves that will bring you to the realm of mastery.


The reality is different, simply standing on your hands for 10 seconds seems impossible.

Let alone doing a full planche or an elbow lever and even doing push ups hurts your wrists like hell.

Wrist injuries are always around the next corner, waiting like a sniper, ready to shoot into your wrist.

So how do you master those moves and at the same time dodge those injuries?


One way to do it is by trial-and-error, hoping that some day you will finally have the strength you need and getting injured because really have no idea what you are doing.

Good luck with that.

A smarter way is to look at what you can do to increase your strength and prevent injuries while training all those moves.

Becoming even better than the people who are doing it right now.

If you want to discover what you can do to both become bulletproof and at the same time develop the strength for more advanced moves, you need to look no further.


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