Flexibility Workout Routine With 4 Crucial Exercises

You know that feeling you get right after you killed your workout?

Your ego says you’ve done a good job, you’ve done something most people can’t nor ever will be able to do.

Meanwhile, you see some kids playing around, not even attempting to do anything.


Hanging, jumping, running.

Doing side splits, bridges and deep squats. Effortlesly. Almost making it seem like it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

So you try it.


After trying it for a while -with the I’m-taking-a-shit-look on your face- you realize you can’t do any of that ‘kid-stuff’.

‘Ouch’ that hurts. Not only your body, but also your ego.

You can’t even touch your toes with straight legs, let alone grab a coin. Every time you try it, you feel like you just turned 50 years older as you come up in a slow and agoninzing way with a pain ridden face.


How is it possible that those kids without any training or visible strength are able to do more stuff than you?

They have something you’ve lost. Flexibility.

Here is how you can start getting it back. (more…)

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