A Guide To Repetitions For Strength, Mass And Endurance

If you are one of the many.

You are probably also wondering about an essential thing in calisthenics workout.

The amount of repetitions.

Honestly, I wish there was an easy way to explain it. I wish I could tell you: “Just do an X amount of repetitions and you will achieve your goals”.


But there isn’t.

The truth is repetitions and the amount of sets required differ per person.

It depends on your overall muscle composition and on your goals among many other factors.


Still, there are generally accepted ranges of repetitions which you can stick to.

The research on this is still lashing out in the dark, mostly.

The good news? We have a lot of evidence from people actually doing and experimenting themselves.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to repetitions. (more…)

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Learn the basics of shoulder strength and recovery

How To Prevent And Cure Shoulder Injuries

Has this happened to you?

You just started doing calisthenics and felt inspired. It didn’t feel like those other things you’ve tried.

This time it felt real.

This time you were really going doing it. BEAST MODE.


Every training brought new surprises. New levels of skill. Mountains of strength.

You surprised even yourself, you never thought you would improve this fast and then…fate decides differently.

As you proceed with your next push up you feel a sharp sting in your shoulder.



Your next training session the same sting and then you realize you need the shoulder you can’t use for almost every single upper body exercises.

Knowing the importance you try it all.

You try resting, you try working out other muscles, you try stretching, you even try some weird alternative Chinese medicine which is said to be made from tiger balls.

But every time you try a push up or any other upper body exercise that sharp pain hits you.

It feels unfair after all the work you’ve put into your progress.


You desperately throw 2 more of those Chinese tiger ball tablets into your glass of water while you ask yourself: “Why me? Why now?”.

Perhaps your workouts are missing something which is the most important thing you can do for your shoulders.

They were designed with a specific goal in mind. (more…)

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