The pull up method by charles lewis armstrong to increase your pull ups

The 7 Day Charles Lewis Armstrong Pull Up Method That Got Him To 1,435 Repetitions

What is it with those pull ups?

You just don’t seem to be able to increase them.

While everyone around you is doing muscle ups.

You are still struggling on the pull up progression.


There is nothing wrong with that, you just wish it were a bit faster.

You got your few first pull ups by surprise, but those few pull ups have made you want it even more.

And you are addicted to that feeling of progress – beast mode.

You know that in order to do more pull ups, you need to do more pull ups, but you feel like there should be more ways – a way to shock those muscles into overdrive.


Thankfully you aren’t the first one.

Somebody cracked that code already.

Many years ago.


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