Want to know how to gain weight with calisthenics

1 Easy Formula To Gain Or Lose Weight

How the hell do they do it?

How do your favorite calisthenics heroes get that ripped look and make it seem like they were born that way?

The image of them jumping out of their baby wagon, running to a bar and doing muscle ups in their daiper a few days after birth doesn’t even seem strange to you.

Be honest – you wish you were born that way.

You try your hardest to eat healthy and workout hard, but that ripped body…


There is still a few centimeters of non-baby baby fat standing between you and your goals.

In other words, you never really get that ripped look.

So what is left to try?


You feel like you tried it all and are destined for a long and unhappy marriage to those few centimeters of extra you.

But what if you could use a simple diet formula to end that marriage.

One to make that unwanted part of you history and for once and for all make it look easy? (more…)

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This leg routine will burn your legs to ashes

The Number 1 Leg Destroying Routine


You know that training your legs is important – but you hate it.

It’s like that last disgusting brussel sprout.

No matter how much seasoning you throw over it, you’d rather skip it.


Still, you feel certain that if you would find some more challenging leg exercises, you would love it.

But even when you look on youtube for all kinds of variations, after a while those get pretty boring too.

And it has left you with some weak legs.


But what if there was a way to make your leg exercises a bit more challenging? A bit more fun?

And what if those same exercises, were more effective than any other body weight leg exerises you have probably ever done?

What if by using these exercises you would not only increase your leg strength, but also your flexibility and coordination?

Would you want to know how you can combine all those benefits in 1 leg destroying routine?


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Milk Diet Calisthenics

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Milk

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*

That’s the sound of you drinking ‘fresh milk’ in the morning.

You put the empty glass on the table while the milk is still slowly finding its way down into your stomach.


You feel like you have just gulped down the healthiest and most nutritous liquid out there.

At least that is what your mom used to say: “That milk will keep your bones and body healthy and strong son”.

You haven’t broken any bones yet.

So your mom must be right.


But mom isn’t always right.

You’ve been sold down the river.

You just don’t know it.

Yet. (more…)

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