2 Calisthenics Shoulder Workouts For Beginners

Do you know which joint in your body is the most mobile?

You use it for nearly everything.

And although it’s extremely mobile, it’s able to stay in place wonderfully.

I’ll spill the beans…your shoulder.


If you have been working out or are just starting to.

Your shoulders and especially developing them will become really important.

More, shoulders injuries are highly prevalent, especially when it comes to calisthenics workouts (source).

So you’ll need to be both careful and methodical.

That is if you are serious about becoming a beast on those bars.


Your shoulders will without a doubt play a key role.

Whether it’s the muscle up or typewriters.

The front lever. Back lever. Handstand or even human flag.

Weak shoulders are a death sentence to your goals.

Find out how you can make them stronger using these 2 calisthenics shoulder routines. (more…)

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