The Basic Plan To Become A Calisthenics Superman

You are ready for something new.

You’ve been doing great, you passed the beginner requirements and the official requirements are within your reach, even muscle ups are starting to become a bit too easy for you.

You have even started practicing your handstands every now and then.

But you still aren’t where you want to be.

You aren’t one of those youtube supermen yet.


And your dream of doing the human flag, the front lever or the back lever still seem to be as far away as the day you did your first beginner routine.

So what’s next?

The problem is that even though you have been getting some serious results, you don’t really know what to do next.


By now you expected you would know what to do, but you don’t.

Unless you start taking it to the next level.

You need to start focusing long term.

You need to start developing your superhuman strength.

Here is how. (more…)

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2 Calisthenics Shoulder Workouts For Beginners

Do you know which joint in your body is the most mobile?

You use it for nearly everything.

And although it’s extremely mobile, it’s able to stay in place wonderfully.

I’ll spill the beans…your shoulder.


If you have been working out or are just starting to.

Your shoulders and especially developing them will become really important.

More, shoulders injuries are highly prevalent, especially when it comes to calisthenics workouts (source).

So you’ll need to be both careful and methodical.

That is if you are serious about becoming a beast on those bars.


Your shoulders will without a doubt play a key role.

Whether it’s the muscle up or typewriters.

The front lever. Back lever. Handstand or even human flag.

Weak shoulders are a death sentence to your goals.

Find out how you can make them stronger using these 2 calisthenics shoulder routines. (more…)

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Cheat Meals And 3 Criteria For When To Do It

It used to be easy.

Just eating whatever the heck you wanted to, because you didn’t know better.

Now you do.

And as a result you have diet goals. Nutrients. Proteins. Carbs.


Sometimes you long back to that time, living in an ‘ignorance is bliss’ world.

Some people think you are taking it a bit too far.

Your friends. Your parents and every now and then even you.


Then you read about a new post. A new diet. A new expert telling you what to do.

So you stop eating X, Y and Z (Which you loved so much).

A week later you read that you have to drop A, B and C too and eventually you discover that you need to drop everything and start living of ‘water’.

And then you read that too much water will kill you too (study).


Then it hits you, you say $!@% this !@$ you call Domino’s and order the biggest pizza you can get.

After looking at that empty pizza box, you hit the ‘what-the-hell-zone’.

You yell “HELLO McDonald’s!!!”, make your way to the only restaurant that can sell plastic food and get away with it, order a supersize menu and take the biggest bite from the biggest Big Mac you could get your hands on.


But once that final bite drops into your stomach, you look at your ‘future to be six pack’

Then you remember. Your goals. The time you put into it. The hours, days, weeks.

Back at square 1.

Things should be different. (more…)

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The 3 Useful Apps To Improve Your Results Instantly

Cool isn’t it?

That phone you are probably reading this article on.

And you haven’t even been using it as much as you could.

Which might sound as a surprise.


Even if you are looking at it the entire day, you probably haven’t used these before.

No it’s not facebook, instagram or whatsapp.

Every now and then there are some apps that can actually help you increase your testosterone, lose fat and help you find a workout park anywhere in the world at the same time.

Huh? Yes, I know…


You might wonder where the catch is.

There is a catch, you actually have to download them ;).

Want to know which 3 apps have helped get more ripped while travelling for 6 months through 6 different countries and more than 100 cities? (more…)

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10 Rules To Make Intermittent Fasting Work For You

Well, you finally did it.

You took the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

You read about intermittent fasting or found the full meal plan and most of you got the Renegade Diet as a result.

That means you’re now transforming your unhealthy body into something far more functional and stronger – a healthy body.

Feels pretty damn good, doesn’t it?


It should. You’re consciously changing your body by making sure it gets the right nutrition at the right time.

Your health is not a matter of your circumstances any more, but of your decisions.

And if you’re smart, you’ll do everything you can to keep this new body of yours going.


But while you are taking all these great steps, there are always a few dangerous pitfalls.

You can become so obsessed with getting results, that you never really get results.

Big mistake.


Because, those initial steps without any results are crucial. It’s where the build up towards those results commences.

These steps set the tone for the rest of your new you.

To make sure you set those first steps on the intermittent fasting plan successfully, follow these 10 simple rules.


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