The Calisthenics Guide To Train Without Equipment

You know calisthenics can be done everywhere, right?

Ok, unless you live in the Sahara Desert or the North Pole, not because there isn’t enough equipment, but because you would either get overheated or freeze.

Let’s face it. The world is a huge place.

Cities, parks, buildings and roads everywhere.

But there is a big BUT…because there is no expensive gym equipment or gym around every corner.


And you have been made to believe that you can’t workout without.

Because of this believe you’ve probably done a few things:

  • You’ve taken an expensive gym membership or invested in tons of tools which promise huge benefits.
  • You’ve used regular gym equipment and just don’t see yourself doing a full muscle building workout on four square meter of grass or concrete or desert sand ;).
  • You’ve read through the routines, seen a few exercises which either required a pull up bar or dip bar and decided that you simply couldn’t do any of the routine at all and went back to gym workouts or no workouts at all.


There you are…

You don’t have the results you want. Are spending way too much money on high tech stuff you don’t use to get the easy results that don’t exist.

But ‘hey’, it might have cost you a few pennies…

At least now you know what doesn’t work, but what does? (more…)