How To Recover From A Wrist Injury

Oh no! It happened.

You got yourself an inevitable wrist injury.

Just like David from the forum.

It will happen, sooner or later…


Why? Because that’s part of developing yourself and finding that sweet spot where your limits meet your capabilities.

In some occasions you will go over those limits.

“Only those willing to risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go.”


Fortunately, you can prepare yourself and train your wrists into something which is referred to as anti-fragile.

Anti-fragility is a concept which boils down to the ability of someone or something to recover from injury and become stronger in the process.

Having strong wrists is not necessarily about them being indestructible, but it’s about developing the skill set to make them stronger after you have injured them.


You can keep injuring yourself and recover into the same level of strength.

Or you can develop anti-fragile wrists by using the tips and tools in this post. The choice is yours.

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