The 5 Best Bar Brother Workout Youtube Videos (Watch This)

I bet you have seen them.

Those 1.000.000 viewer youtube workout videos, and thought:

“One day, that will be me”.


Or more likely, “I wish I were that person.”

You might think that they were born this way, they were not.

You might think that they have some magic method, they don’t.

Or maybe even after trying a few times and giving up, you concluded that this wasn’t meant for you.


Whatever the case is, here is how I look at things:

“Whether you think you can or can’t, in both cases you are right.”

Whenever you see someone doing stuff, realize that that someone used to be and actually still is a beginner too.

A beginner who never gave up… (more…)

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Bar brother transformation, motovational story

A Motivational Bar Brother Story About You

You know this.

You know what it takes to become a Bar Brother.

You know it’s in you.

But sometimes it feels like motivation is something reserved for a chose few.


Only a few people on this planet have the ‘X-factor’ that allows them to be motivated 24 hours a day.

Only a few people wake up with the idea that they want to work out.

Only a few people are actually reading this.


Guess what? You are one of those few.

There is something you need to know to understand why you are one of the few people who can actually become Bar Brother strong.

Let me tell you something about you.


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Low Fat Versus Low Carb (The Number 1 Dietary Myth)

I know. You’re sceptical.

You have read some of the blog on diet, but are still not really using the tips.

Maybe you have heard too often that carbs are good for you and fat is bad.

Still, you can’t help but wonder…what the truth really is.


Even if you read through tons of  articles online, what should you believe?

The information is so contradicting and difficult to comprehend that you got lost somewhere along the way.

So you are probably still believing number 1 dietary myth.

Well, here is how you have been mislead… (more…)

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