Bar Brothers Renegade Diet 2

The Guide To Ultimate Health (The Renegade Diet & Paleo + Calisthenics)

Ever tried to repair something finding out that there was a piece left and thought it  did not have any use?

Well, that piece had a function.

I found out in quite a hard way not long ago.

In my case that little piece prevented my fender from coming into my wheel.


Unfortunately I found out about that when I was being launched into the air.

A little ‘too late’.

No superman push up, human flag or front lever was going to help me in this situation.

“Oooh !#$!$!”, at least that’s what I was thinking while I landed and smashed both of my wrists on the concrete road  (fracturing one and bruising the other).


What if you are on the same road right now? (more…)