Calisthenics workout routine

Calisthenics Workout For Dummies (8 Frequently Asked Questions)

Exciting, isn’t it?

You discovered something new.

And whenever you discover something new, you want to do it as perfectly as possible.

To you that ‘new thing’ is Bar Brothers.

And questions have started popping into your mind recently.


  • How can I become a Bar Brother?
  • How should I do this?
  • When should I do that?
  • How much of this will improve my strength?
  • Etc.


A lot of good questions.

And a lot of these questions (Probably all) have been asked before by someone else who just discovered Bar Brothers.

Just like you.


By now you might start wondering…

“What kind of questions did they ask?”

Nothing special really.

Want to find out? (more…)

Calisthenics Workout

7 Beginner Push Ups (Calisthenic Chest Workout Routine)


That’s how long it takes to learn a muscle up.

Perhaps even months to learn a perfect one.

No need to tell you, you probably have been trying it yourself.


But you just did not seem to have enough strength.

And thought: “How am I ever going to develop the strength?”

My answer: “Start with the basics.”

Here are a few calisthenic chest workout exercises to start building a chest that will give you the muscle up strength you need. (more…)

Paleo Cavemen Calisthenics Diet

3 Life Saving Tips For A Healthy Bar Brother Diet (Caveman Diet 101)

You are not stupid.

You know that certain foods in your diet aren’t healthy.

It’s a never-ending war between pleasure and health.

You see it all around you.


You know that people end up becoming what they eat.

You have been reading articles about food every now and then. 

So you take eating seriously.

You cut the bad foods as much as possible.


But what if you are still doing the wrong thing?

What if there is still more to gain? (more…)

The requirements to become an official bar brother and beginner requirements

The Bar Brother Requirements + Videos

So let me guess!

You have been training for quite a while.

And you feel stronger.

The urge to reach unknown heights is motivating you more and more.


You seem to be improving on a weekly basis.

And you are looking for something more challenging.

You really want to start building that body of yours.

Do things you have never done before.


You want to be a Bar Brother.

An official Bar Brother.

And you know that in order to become a Bar Brother, you will have to meet some requirements.

Ready? (more…)