6 Steps To Set & Crush Your Body Weight Training Goals

Some Bar Brothers seem to have it all going for them.

They progress quickly, doing their first muscle up after one of two weeks.

And you are hammering at it, but you just don’t seem to match their progress.

And it sucks, right?


Because they are training hard, but not as hard as they could.

Certainly not harder than you do.

So what are they doing differently?

Why do they progress so much quicker than you do?


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14 Bar Brother Beginner Routines

So you are looking for body weight workout routines?

Or are still making them by yourself?

That’s great, but do you really know what you are doing?


Why reinvent the wheel?

When someone is already happily rolling around in a Rolls Royce.

When you google Bar Brother routines, you probably find more routines than there are people on this planet.

It’s confusing to say the least.


So you just keep collecting more workout plans, more routines, more exercises. Hoping that one of them will finally ‘make you put the pedal to the metal’.

I’ve seen it happen. It usually doesn’t end well.

But it’s not your fault and it doesn’t need to happen to you.

Not only have I made a collection of beginner routines, I’ve written 3 workout plans which you can use based upon the intensity you desire.

Let’s check out which 14 body weight routines will get and keep you going.


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8 Inspirational Quotes To Give You That Extra Boost (Level Up Your Bar Brother Mindset)

“What inspires you to become your best self?”


Some people might think that words don’t make a difference, but they do.

Words can change the way you look, feel and think about things, especially when they are spoken by people you can look up to. This Bar Brother post will address some of these inspiring words, which have been shared throughout the years. (more…)

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