Bar Brothers Beast

10 Reasons To Date A Bar Brother (Your Girlfriend Will Like This)

You have probably seen those couples.

Training together.

Sweating together.

You would like to do the same.


You want to make it happen.

Share your love for the bars with your love.

And let’s be honest.

Why shouldn’t she want the same.

Here are 10 reasons why she should date you:


1. We can get our muscle up

2. We constantly practice our moves and positions

3. We know the importance of commitment and dedication

4. We control our motions

5. We won’t go home before we go hard (more…)

Bar Brother Superman

Top 3 Superhuman Bar Brother Exercises (How Superman Would Train)

Top 3 superhuman calisthenic bar brother exercises (You don’t want to try these at home)

1. One handed Superman Pushup

The name says it all, in order to do this push up you need superhuman strength. Not only in your core, but also in your shoulder. When you thought the superman pushup was difficult, try the one handed version. Next step…doing pushups without arms, but then again only superman would be able to do those, wouldn’t he? (more…)