the bar workout to progress to a full dip for beginners

The Ring Dip Progression For Beginners

You know most people used to think we were the fools right?

To most of the fitness world, calisthenics used to be a joke.

It won’t build muscle. It can only be done by younger people or if you are too old to lift.

It’s a hobby, a diversion, a fad that will come an go. Sure you can do some push ups and pull ups, but don’t count on those really making you strong. That’s just silly.


Try telling your gym buddies that you are going full ‘no extra weight, all body weight’. They’ll smile politely and will ask: ”But does anybody really get ripped and strong through only body weight?”.

Yes, they want you to have results. Yes, they would love to see you improve.

But they also think that there is no way in hell that ‘calisthenics or any type of bar workout plan‘ will do that for you.

Well I didn’t want to say this, but…

Those who express this the most confident, fail the basics without exception. (more…)

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The Back Lever Progression For Beginners

You’ve heard it countless times.

Know your limits and push beyond them. 

That’s one of the main components of making consistent progress.


But if you’re just getting started there is a problem with that advice:

How can you know your limits if you don’t know how strong you are?

Maybe you’re at the beginning of you calisthenics journey, with little results (Or all your results are not as impressive as you want them to be).

Or maybe you haven’t even started yet. 


What do you do then?

You know I’m big on finding the right progressions.

Whether it comes to core work or any other type or progress in general.

Just jumping into something like a back lever is like throwing darts blindfolded and hoping you hit the bull’s eye.


If it works it takes you much more time and let’s face the fact, chances are you’ll hit a brick wall more often than the bull’s eye.

The back lever after the muscle up is the first upper body target you want to hit.

With these progressions, you can’t miss, unless you want to ;). (more…)

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The Full Progression To The Only Exercise You Need For A Six Pack

Are you still far from developing that strong six pack core?

And do you struggle with finding the right exercises?

The fact is, everyone will give you 10 different exercises to develop a stronger core or to get you that six pack you are aiming for.


That’s why you are drowning in unnecessary ‘fancy’ and non-functional exercises.

It’s confusing to say the least.

The result? You are doing inefficient exercises, with an inefficient execution that don’t get you any results.

That’s the worst part, it’s like swimming against the stream, without arms.


And you want to ‘backlever/frontlever’ float in mid air?

This might sound harsh, but without the proper step-by-step process.

You are going nowhere.


If this key element in your training is either inadequate – or nowhere to be found – you will bump into a wall down the road.

But not on my watch.

I’ve been reviewing tons of workout routines recently, helping people to make better workout plans, and I’ve found that there is one major repeating obstacle.

Sticking to right progressions. (more…)

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Calisthenics Muscle Up Workout

The Minimalist Guide To A Muscle Up For Beginners

The red pill.

You signed up for the e-mail list and jumped down the rabbit hole of body weight workouts.

Maybe you even went the extra mile and actually read through the free ebook to make sure you didn’t miss any killer routines.

Then you were smart enough to find the 6 month plan and maybe you were motivated enough to actually follow the six month plan.

But after the first 5 months you feel like you should be able to do that first muscle up.

And you just can’t figure out why you are still stuck at 0 muscle ups EVER.


Every training you anxiously jump on the bar and try to pull yourself up as hard as you can, hoping that today will finally be the ‘day on which you achieved your first muscle up’.

But every training is a letdown. Still one or two centimeters short (And let’s be honest – it’s probably five if you don’t cheat yourself).

The truth is, you are forgetting to take the right steps and there is too much information out there – but not any more.

Stop focusing on strength alone and start focusing on skill too. When you combine both…

You go from 0 to 1. (more…)

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3 Healthy Foods For Hardgainers

Every day, you spend hours eating and stuffing yourself with whatever you can get your hands on.

After all, eating more is the secret to gaining muscle, right?

But you are starting to wonder if all those meals really justify your time and effort.

You don’t see any results on the scale and the few grams you actually thought you had gained, well…you didn’t gain at all.

Hell, it’s frustrating.


As a calisthenics beginner, one of your biggest priorities is usually getting bigger, stronger and better.

But so far you’ve failed to find the right foods that really deliver.

You’ve tried, protein shakes, BCAAs, supplements and every muscle boosting magic pill under the sun which you could get your hands on.

Unfortunately, you are a HARDGAINER, at least so you think.


You feel that being at such a genetic disadvantage has made it even thougher for you to find what truly works.

While you are trying to figure it out, the muscular guys you see around you seem to put on kilos of muscle every time you blink your eyes.

Reality check.

You aren’t a hardgainer, you just don’t know how to gain weight.

So what’s the answer? (more…)

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